Saturday, 1 February 2014


I hover above the city, wingless,
every bone as thin as string,
taut as an horizon. Below - 
a crumbling labyrinth of catacombs,

streets of fading Greek and French,
a Jew hobbling, the scent of sea,

brickdust rising in a desert wind.      
I was there once, earthbound,
rooted in your hand, tamed by crumbs,
shedding songs for  you of love
and  distant lands. I curved my eyes 
around your limbs, your kisses  lay 
like prayer beads on my skin.
You were my spell, my augury of loss.

In a lens of refracted light beyond sight,
I see your heart, a bruise, incurable, 
never  hushed, tucked inside you,
a knife in a sheath, ticking as you
stalk the streets - a skilfully
moving dream hunting sex.

You watched me once - a scandalous 
leaving - sifting through the slats of 
shutters, floating  from the terrace, 
my backward glance, a broken arrow. 
One day I’ll return: a windblown hag
falling from the sky, an aborted planet,
landing where the bay curves and
the candy floss seller blows his horn. 
You won’t know me.


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