Friday, 2 October 2015


One thing I miss about Egypt are the bum washers (hose taps connected to the water pipes). Every toilet has one and it was nice to know, that despite the dirty  streets, they were  full of clean, washed bums. The West is not. It has clean streets but dirty bums. Paper does not do the same trick, so in the UK I struggle with bottles of water, usually on what seem to be very small toilets, (or, is my bum getting bigger?) and generally end up with wet clothes. I havent got the knack...yet. It seems to me the world might be a more peaceful place, if, instead of being divided between Believers and Unbelievers we just had Wet Bums and Dry Bums.It would be just too ridiculous to crucify or behead someone because they had a Dry Bum, or a Wet one. Wouldn't it?  

Just a thought.

Since posting the above, I have been told about Fresh Buzz...friends recommend it and it's ideal because it  also fits into my handbag for when Im travelling. Check this video. Fresh Buzz knows that only humour will sell its product...

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