Monday, 13 June 2016


When Omar Mateen, a mentally unstable homophobic American killed 49 people in Orlando with guns bought  as easily as fries from McDonalds, he found himself with an unlikely soul mate.  Mateen  had  previously been  investigated by the FBI for 'terrorist' connections, and had been reported by his ex-wife  as violent. His father is believed to have sympathies for the Afghan Taliban. At the same time as the attack, another mentally unstable American, with a reputation for marital rape, fraud, bullying, mafia dealings, racism, bankrupcies, etc and who would be the next American President, was already  exploiting similar 'terrorist' attacks for his 'Keep Muslims out of America' campaign. Islamaphobes flocked while ISIS created its own political capital from the attacks.  Trump and Islamic extremists like Mateen, have a lot in common. They share  the same bigotry, and a  belief that  any means justifies their end, which is ultimately world dominance - either by an Islamic Caliphate or by Neo-con corporatism. You can take your pick because  there's not much difference between either of their unhinged ideologiesThey  share  the same  sadistic and  misogynistic contempt for women, mind-numbing propaganda, lies, censorship, racism  and  the curtailment of  freedoms as their modus operandi. Their followers seem as half-baked as they are. 

Religion may have less of a hold on America, but Trump is busy shaping a replacement cult ideology. Still in its infancy, it probably  gives the Islamists a lead in the race, unrestricted as they are   by an unwieldy and  sham democracy, and  only answerable  to an ultimate authority with 99 names and  who speaks through an outdated  best seller that cannot be questioned. 

It's a marriage made in heaven on the way to hell. Each partner thinks they are the perfect solution to the other's problems.  The enemy is anyone who is not with them, and they both love pointing fingers (or guns) at the unpatriotic/infidel 'other'  whipping up fear  and  distracting  from  the real cause of the problem - them. They run  a system that churns out  psycho-maniacs faster than Trump churns out his insane liesMen of their ilk  are spreading like an epidemic - the sooner one appears, than another pops up, either in a suicide vest or on a campaign podium. They have always existed  using whatever will serve  their insatiable desire for power, propped by the  compliant, poor,  lost and brainwashed. Islamic and western  imperialism has already polarised the world. It's been like this for centuries.  Men like Mateen and Trump will do anything to achieve  their half-baked ideas which are fed by hatred and a belief In the supremacy of their ideas.    What terrifies them most is the intelligence of  a united, growing, secular,  grassroots movement  based on equality, diversity and justice, with love at its core.

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